I dream, draft, sample, grade and sew every JG garment.

Yeah, it can be done differently, but I am trained as a bespoke tailor, live in a small town far away from any industrial fashion centre, and enjoy nothing more than working directly with the material on a daily basis. It works!

Operating since the fall of 2016, I have carefully sourced a crew of small mills, printmakers and dye houses the world over - South Korea, Ireland, North Carolina, India - companies I can call up and get a "Hey Jeska, what's up?" 

I like to use historical, tailored bound seams that result in a garment which feels different than the ones you are used to. Does clothing become something more than a sum of its parts? Does fashion make clothing, or can clothes make fashion? These are burning questions I have!

I also like making fashion far away from where it's supposed to be made. To be honest, part of this is because nothing is sweeter than rolling out of bed on a sunny morning, flicking on my noisy industrial sewing machine, and maybe sewing in my PJs for half of the day. It's also because the current fashion industry, as we know, can be pretty rotten. Etching out little enclaves of "differently" may not have much of an overall impact, but it's better than nothing. I look forward to a different way of doing fashion and most other things, someday.