JG is an extension of its namesake designer's dual education in industrial seamstressing and social justice-based studies. Its goal is to enrich an ongoing praxis rooted in labour, regional identity, the environment and applied arts.

There are no seasons: garments are numbered, added as created and catalogued for ordering whenever you like. This is much like the chair factory which employed JG's home village before the factory burnt down in the '80s (see ABOUT section).

All items are hand made in small town Atlantic Canada using durable and often self-enclosed seam finishes. JG logged 1000s of hours learning historic garment construction for theatre production and applies these hard-earned skills directly.

Fabrics are always natural fibres and often GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified when applicable. The textile industry is a maze worth critically navigating.

Plant dyeing is a fasnicating craft so sometimes JG's fabrics are dyed in her backyard using imported dyestuffs, seasonal ditch weeds, and compost. These hand-dyed options are limited in quantity and yield some amazing variety.

JG hopes you'll be able to pass these wares onto your kids, or nieces, friends etc. But really, these garments should be for lifetimes.


Clothes are sewn to order as this is sustainable for the environment and practical for a small, indepedent clothing designer. A garment is not manufactured unless someone is willing to wear it.

Please allow 1-3 weeks turnaround for your purchase to be manufactured an2 shipped. If lead times are longer than normal, the shop will update each product page on the estimated production time. If a fabric is sold out and on backorder, the product page will be updated as quickly as possible. Sometimes lead times will be shorter, as in, if the garment is already on hand because it was manufactured for a pop up show then it will be shipped right away!

All items are hand made by Jeska in her studio in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. She is hoping to eventually hire on other skilled seamstresses.

If you like a particular fabric on the site but don't see it available to order for the garment you'd like, send an email - JG may be able to whip you up one if the fabric works structurally with the garment's design.


Sizing info can be found on individual item pages.

Garments are hand drafted and graded in studio. JG aims to produce clothes that can fit everybody. If you do not see yourself covered, please email heythere@jeskagrue.ca as a specific size may still be under development.

As someone originally attracted to learning pattern drafting because she fell out of regular sizing, JG is interested in created O/S garments with adjustments for petite and plus size fit.


Specific care instructions can be found on individual item pages.

However, most items can be machine washed cold and either line dried or tumble dried at a low heat setting.

Did you know that about 80% of a garment's energy consumption occurs in consumer end-use due to washing and drying? Washing cold and line drying significantly lowers a garment's energy use. Start washing your clothes a lot less too!

All fabric is shrink tested and usually pre-washed to avoid any undue surprises. No more than 3% shrinkage is passed to the consumer (an industry standard).





PLEASE NOTE, shipping rates are in Canadian dollars which has been much lower than the US dollar for quite some time!

All orders are shipped via Canada Post and include a tracking number.

JG is not responsible for any customs or duty charges levied by your country. Purchases cannot be marked as a gift in the mail.

JG is not responsible for any lost or stolen mail. Double check ur shipping address.


If for whatever reason the garment and you are not meant to be, returns or exchanges will be accepted within 14 days of you receiving your item. To request a return and a full refund, please email jeska@jeskagrue.ca ASAP.

Of course, garments must be returned unworn and in good condition. Please try to keep original packaging to send back as well.


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PO Box 6446 Sackville, New Brunswick E4L 1G6 Canada


JG lives very close to the Waterfowl Park.


"...I think that everything hinges on the status of the word 'and' as a category. If you've read Althusser - he is still worth reading, I think - in a whole series of his texts, of his essays, in the title this word 'and' appears. For example, you have one title, 'Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses', or you have, for example, 'Contradiction and Overdetermination'. What is the logic of this 'and'? The first term before this 'and' is some general ideological notion: the notion of ideology, the notion of contradiction. Then, the second term, 'ideological state apparatuses' or 'overdetermination', provides the concrete material conditions so that this notion begins to function as non-ideological. If you want to avoid idealist dialectics, and stick to materialist dialectics, you must conceive of contradiction as part of a concrete, overdetermining, complex totality, and so on. So, again, this 'and' is in a sense tautological. It conjoins the same content in its two modalities. First, in its ideological evidence the abstract universal notion, and then, the extra-ideological, the concrete, material conditions of its existence. Ideology exists only in ideological state apparatuses. Contradiction exists materially only in overdetermination. So, no first term is needed here to mediate between the two points of the end because the second is already the concrete existence of the first term."

Slavoj Zizek, public lecture at the Eighth Annual Conference of the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis in the Freudian Field, Melbourne, 13 August 1994. Agenda: Australian Contemporary Art 44. 1995, pp. 11-34 [eds].

Re: ^ it should actually be 'Jeska Grue Fashion & Clothes', with only the term 'Fashion' as necessary. But are clothes and fashion two modalities of the same content? I kind of like thinking about that as I go along.